We’ve moved! 

Well… Our blog has, anyway.  Welcome to our new setup.  We thought it might be nice to have one place for all our blogs, instead of having them scattered all over the interwebs.  Don’t worry, all our old posts and pictures have been moved to this blog, so you still only have one place to go for all our updates!

Instead of using one of those custom login sites to share baby information and pictures with the family, I thought it would be nice to let family and friends have access without needing a login. Because this is my family, and the internet can be a mean and scary place, please don’t post personal information such as names and locations.

If you would like to receive automatic updates when we post to the blog, you can sign up for that in the space on the right.

If you’re interested in my crafting projects, culinary experiments, and general blathering on about this and that, use the links to the side or at the top of the page for category-specific posts.

Also because of the possible scaritude of the internet, while I will allow anonymous comments for the sake of those of my family and friends who are not subscribed to this site, I will be monitoring the comments. It would be really spiffy if you could sign your anonymous posts so we know who’s visiting our site.

Thanks, and enjoy your visit!


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